Nainital tourism best time to visit ? Myth Vs Realty

Nainital Tourism Best time to Visit

Nainital is one of the most famous hill station of Uttarakhand and Northen  India and though lots of information are available on internet , social media and qus& answer sites still some myth about Nainital tourism best time to visit are still prevalent.

MYTH #1 -Best Time to Visit Nainital is May and June and during the Weekends.

REALITY #1 -Best Time to Visit Nainital

Yes if your are thinking about kids holidays and school vacation then you might be right in deciding about visiting Nainital during the mentioned period.

But be aware it is a nightmare ( yes absolutely right ) to visit Nainital during this period.You probably will get following unpleasant surprises in stored for you

nainital tourism best time to visit

1. Long ques of vehicles and traffic jams everywhere you go, you cannot easily park your vehicle, forget about travelling in your car inside Nainital during the season time.

nainital tourism best time to visit

2. Hotels accommodation tariff increased by about 200 %

Yes ! this is one of the steepest hike you can witness other than petrol in recent times.

A good 3 star hotel which can be easily available in range of less than 3000 per night suddenly starts asking for staggering 5500 to 6000 per night

Some hotels ( mostly mall road hotels ) starts auctioning the rooms on per day basis.

Yes you heard it right !

This is every year story that you cannot find a booking of all 3 nights ( in case you are willing to stay ) at one stretch, hotels auctioning it on per day basis and higher the demand higher the price and you need to to pay hefty amount  for mediocre hotels

nainital tourism best time to visit

3.You feel you are in Chandani Chowk of Delhi

With thousands of peoples all around . Why I am here ? For peace and nature ! Forget it , It is caous everywhere

nainital tourism best time to visit

4. Be ready for paying double price everywhere and in some places of sightseeing in Nainital triple rates charged for you fault of visiting this hill station during the peak time.

nainital tourism best time to visit

5. Witness the a majority of cheap crowd visiting Nainital during the peak  period.

nainital tourism best time to visit

6. Where is the Lake of Nainital ?

Lake epicenter of Nainital tourism almost dried up this summer of 2017 and it is one of the most dreadful sign for this lake city

nainital tourism best time to visit

7.Celebrating New Year in Nainital ??

Drunken crowd in Mall Road mostly from around areas.Tariff of hotels in Nainital which can really ashamed Singapore hotels also during this period.

nainital tourism best time to visit

8. Is it a hill station ?

With temperature raising arounf 38- 40 Degress in noon and around 25 Degress in morning and evening you will wonder if this is a hill sation where again you have to be inside the ac room or car for getting relaxation


So What are  the Ideal months  to visit Nainital ?

During February & March and till first half of April. October , November and till Christmas in December are  Nainital tourism best time to visit, for more details…

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