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Nainital Lakes – 6 Popular Lakes in & Around Nainital

Nainital known as “The City of Lakes” is blessed to be surrounded by beautiful lakes in and around. Exploring the pristine and clean water bodies amidst the hills is a boon for everyone visiting the serene hill station. This city is located in the Himalayan region centered in the Kumaon hills, is also crowned as the Lake District of India. The Hill Stations is also very famous among nature lovers and adventure seekers.  There are total 06 Nainital lakes situated in and around the city. Below is the complete list of Nainital lakes….

Naini Lake (Nainital Lake)

Nainital Lakes

lake #1

Nainital Lake, a mesmerizing natural body, located at the heart (center) of the Nainital City, Uttarakhand, tectonic in origin, is kidney shaped or crescent shaped and has an outfall at the southeastern end. Nainital Lake, in the Nainital district called the Lake District of India, is one of the four Lakes of Kumaon hills; the other three lakes are the Sattal Lake,the Bhimtal Lake and the Naukuchiatal Lake. The lake is most popular among tourists for boating and yachting.


Nainital Lakes

Lake #2

Sariyatal is about 5 kms away from Nainital on the way to Kaladhungi, nestled this small Lake and a beautiful tourist spot. Sariyatal is a very good place to pass some time in solitude enjoying the beauty of nature. Himalayan Botanical Garden at Sariyatal near Nainital has a butterfly Park, her-barium, library and a fern house with other facilities. The Himalayan Botanical Garden is a center of study for the scientists and the botanists.

Sat Tal

Nainital Lakes

Lake #3

Sattal (Seven Lakes) is an interlinked group of seven mesmerizing freshwater lakes situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It serves as a tranquil haven to the tourists who visit the place to enjoy the picturesque exquisiteness. The town is one of the few unblemished and uncontaminated freshwater bio-mes in India.


Nainital Lakes

Lake #4

Naukuchiatal literally suggests a nine-cornered Lake. Naukuchiatal is situated at an height of 1,220 mts above sea level in the Nainital city of Uttarakhand. The length of the lake is approximately 1 km and it has depth of around 40 mts. It is the deepest lake in the greater Nainital area. It is one of the most  famous lake around nainital for boating and other adventure activities.

Khurpatal Lake

Nainital Lakes

Lake #5

Khurpatal Lake is one of the inland lakes that helps the landscape of Nainital to look more enchanting. Located in its namesake hamlet, this lake serves as the main source for several natural springs that provide fresh groundwater for consumption by residents. Being a natural habitat for a large variety of fish, it serves as a center for angling “the traditional method of fishing”. Besides, the surrounding makes it a natural treasure hidden in an isolated hamlet.

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake

Lake #6

Tourists from all over India come to Nainital to spend some quality time. Bhimtal Lake is another popular lakes around Nainital city. The most beautiful part about a trip to Bhimtal Lake is the attractive little island in the middle of the lake. Tourists can take a boat ride to reach the island. Spend some time in total peace and solitude here. You can also pay a visit to the Fish aquarium located on the island. A variety of fish from countries such as South Africa, Mexico and China have been kept in the aquarium.

The above list of Nainital lakes covered all 6 lakes in and around Nainital, that this lake city, Nainital has to offer to tourists. For getting the complete details of all best places to visit in Nainital and surrounding areas.

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